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Below is a brief guide on setting up Metamask so you can start playing dApps!
You can make income with a bit of initial investment in dApps.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a web extension for Ethereum network manage your Ethereum private keys via your web browser. By doing so, it serves as a wallet for Ether and ERC20 tokens, and allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. To be more specific, it allows you to run Ethereum dApps (Decentralized Apps) right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node. ( It means you don’t have to download and sync the full blockchain on your device/computer).

How to install MetaMask?

Chrome - Visit Metamask.io
Click Get Chrome Extension, Click Add to Chrome then on add.
FireFox - Visit Metamask.io
Click Get FireFox Extension, Click Add to FireFox then on Add.
Brave - Visit Metamask.io
Click “Get Brave Browser”. Once there, click download.
BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR KEY PHRASE and LOGIN INFO in a safe place! back it up!

Once you created your account you will have a key phrase or seed phrase given to you. This is a unique set of keys used to identify your account, without these keys, you cannot restore your account.

Later if you need to restore your account or add it on another computer, you will need the key phrase to retrieve the account. You can now digitally sign and enter Dapps and they will auto connect to your account!

In dApps you need to pay gas for some functions to happen(network interaction) sometimes its for breeding, crafting an item or some form of potion/speed up. There are also many actions that require no gas to complete in most games.

How to deposit to Metamask

Coinbase You can easily buy and sell directly to and from your bank/checking account. You also get a free 10 dollars USD after you have deposited or withdrawn 100 total! It is instant to buy coin, it takes about 1 day to get to your bank/checking account.

You can also send it from faucets, ETH wallets and various other places you can store it! Just use your Metamask address (top of the app, click to copy)

I will expand on this guide more soon! Current favorite games are chibi and blockcuties :)

Crypto Dozer - Chibi Fighters - Ethermon - Imps - Blockchain Cuties - My Crypto Heroes -

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